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This is how online market research works

By means of online market research, companies want to test how a new product, a new concept or a specific advertising medium (for example TV commercial) arrives at a desired target group and is understood.

Another goal is the timely recognition of trends that are found in the opinions and wishes of respondents.

Every year companies spend a lot of money on this and try to estimate the chances and risks for the respective company success. Thus, based on studies, important decisions about future products and strategies are made.

Earning money with surveys has been possible for a long time before the internet. Unlike in the past, participants no longer have to go directly to their respective institutes and answer questions there in a given time. Fortunately, that has changed completely.

The global online network now allows companies to send questions directly to their participants. They now have the free choice which online polls they want to answer at what time. The whole thing is of course also possible as a sideline from home.

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