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Make a lot of money with e-books

E-books also offer excellent options for making money. First of all, you need a digital book with which you can then generate your income.

Write e-book yourself
In addition to text software such as Microsoft Word or the free program OpenOffice, there is not much need for your own e-book to become an author yourself. Open Office even makes it possible to save the writing directly in a digital PDF file.

My advice: Guide E-books are still the best selling on the Internet. You can sell your own books best on your own website.

Or you decide on an already written electronic book that you recommend to others. The eBook “The Rich Sack” informs about the topic of making money on the Internet and you get a pro-rated commission for a successful recommendation of this book (see also Affiliate Marketing).

Many reseller books can also be found on the internet, which you can freely resell to others. However, one should keep in mind that there is sometimes a lot of competition here. I therefore advise against it.

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