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But what is affiliate marketing, and how is it possible to earn money as an affiliate?

Everyone has certainly ever recommended a good friend or relative a particular product, insurance or service provider with which you yourself was very satisfied. Which was basically nothing more than advertising a new customer.

Imagine they point out their nice work colleagues on a cheaper car insurance and get a hefty commission of € 100 from the insurer for his contract.

That’s what affiliate marketing is. They recommend a specific product and receive a commission for it.

It is therefore recommended in the virtual world digital products or services and receives commissions for commissions. See also: Affiliate Marketing, Wikipedia.

Of course, they do not have countless friends whom you want to chew on one or the other.

Since there are more and more people on the Internet looking for things online, it is of course worthwhile to recommend the appropriate providers here. They are basically earning their money helping other people and solving their problems.

It is important to know that if you propose something to others on the Internet, you will use a so-called partner link which allows you to allocate the commission to a successful purchase.

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